Twitter Follow limit reached

Twitter limits

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I have recently decided to spend a little time focussing on Twitter. This was going brilliantly when I came across a hurdle that I was not aware of. I was happily following and being followed when all of a sudden I came smack bang across a limit I was not aware of. I have now discovered that there is an an initial limit of 2000 users I can follow. Once this limit is reached, a user is restricted to following 10% more than the number of people they follow. So, in order to follow more than 2000 users, I need to have more than 10/11 X 2000 people following me, so more than 1818 people following me. You can find out more about this from Twitter Support here.

Next Steps

So what to do about it?? This limit has been around for some time and much has been written about it. In my brief search, I came across many posts on the topic. I would say one of the best is Stacy Zapar‘s post, which you can find here. Stacy gives a good coverage on some steps that can be taken and some of the tools that can be used to clear the deck to be able to follow more people. I would suggest you take a moment to review this if have have reached or are close to reaching that 2000 mark.

To Cull or not to Cull – that is the Question

For some reason I find the idea of dropping people from my following very unappealing. It’s like saying, “I no longer care what you have to say” and I find this very hard to do. However, unless I want to wait for some 550 or so more followers to come on board, it is something I will need to do. So tell me what are your thoughts on this? How do you find the idea of letting people go?