Why talk on Social Media??

Welcome to my blog on bits and pieces in the Social Media landscape. I think it is only fair that I give you my reasoning behind launching this blog. Let me ask an important question:

Am I qualified to speak in the area of Social Media?

Well, that depends on what you mean by qualified. If you mean formal qualifications, such as a marketing or psychology degree, then no, I am not qualified. But if you mean do I have a deep seated passion for the potentially collaborative nature of the Social Media platform and the ease with which business and client/customer can communicate on such platforms, then perhaps I do have something important to share. This will be made up of my own opinions together with information shared by others that I feel make an important point or valuable training material.

In the end, as in the case of most bloggers, the readers will ultimately decide the worth of my posts. So over to you readers. I hope you find this valuable and I am looking forward to some insightful and perhaps sometimes challenging comments along the way.


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