Touching on Autocapture of RSS Feeds using HootSuite

The Path of Discovery

Recently I began a journey of discovery around the HootSuite application as part of obtaining a HootSuite Professional Certification. I had been using HootSuite for some time and this seemed like just a natural extension for me. I have found many useful tools and features that make managing personal or business social media streams so much easier. One thing I have experimented with of late is automating posting from an RSS feed. The result has been quite interesting and worth a closer look at.

So, what is an RSS Feed?

I am sure that many readers will be aware of this feature, and I don’t intend to go in to any great depth here. Let’s simply say that it is a method that content creators provide to allow content consumers to automatically capture updated or new material without having to return to the website manually.

HootSuite as an RSS Reader

Now for HootSuite’s part in the picture. In this case, HootSuite performs the role of an RSS reader, that is an application that reads the transmitted RSS feed and presents it in a way that is usable. HootSuite could be that, but in actual fact, it can also be a bit more like an RSS transmitter, taking the feed and re-distributing it to specified Social Channels. It allows you to easily distribute content you believe your followers would be interested in.


The following should be kept in mind when autoposting:

  • If you are posting content from others, it is important that it is from a source you can trust. The fact that you are posting their material will be taken by many that you agree with the content, so be sure that is an association you are happy to be made
  • If you use this method, it may post at a time that is not optimal for your target audience. You may want to schedule it to be posted as well in order to have better visibility

That’s about it

That gives a little snippet of using HootSuite to autopost from an RSS feed. If you want to know how to do it, check out the step by step guide here. I would be really keen to know if others use this function and if they have have been caught off guard at all. Please comment below and take a moment to answer the poll.

Regards and best wishes to all.